Thursday, July 10, 2008

Please be quiet so I can scream!

I am normally a quite calm mother, I try not to raise my voice too much but keep it on a normal level. Well the other day I just couldn't help myself.

Baby C was just fussying so much that it became unbearable to hear his voice. Everything was wrong according to him and he screamed and talked to me in a very inappropriate manner.As he kept screaming I just couldn't help myself and screamed back at him. Be quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeet! It was very loud but, it was also very effective.

I felt so bad about using my voice in such a way but it was also a nice release of the anger that was boiling up inside of me. After that he was surely quiet. It might not be the best solution to deal with fuzzy kids but once in a while it can be a very effective solution, as I saw from own experience.

I once did a voice experiment in the woods. We were suppose to just scream, as much as we wanted to. And we did. And it was so good. It was a powerful experience that I unfortunately have not had the privilege to experience again.

Perhaps I should seek out some woods...

How do you deal with fussy kids? Any tips?


Qtpies7 said...

I yell.
However, I have heard some really great things about praising them while they are misbehaving. They can't keep misbehaving while you are saying blessings and claiming Bible versses over them.

Jennifer said...

I have done the same thing on occassion. Sometimes yelling is very effective, especially if they know you are just yelling near them, not at them.

Time outs don't really work for my toddler, but sometimes I'll stick him in the baby's crib for a minute and he gets the idea that I'm serious. And a minute or two is usually all I need to regain my ability to calmly deal with the crankiness.

Occassional bribes work too (ie "here, have a graham cracker and you can even eat it on the couch").