Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And a Blog was born - Welcome

Yet another blog in the wide wide blogosphere was born on a sunny day. It's name became WAHM Ramblings because its mom is a WAHM who rambles too much.

OK you want to know who I am? A little about Mrs Fay;

*No Mrs Fay is not my real name, but don't worry that doesn't make me less authentic.
* What you read on this blog is everyday life as I know it- no lies- no games- nothing hidden- only the truth. Except for my name that would be :)
*I am am just a normal mommy working from home in a normal town living a normal life.
*I am happily Married to Mr F and a Mom to Baby C born in late 2003.
*I live my life through His words and I am a very determined mother and proud of it when I do it through His ways.
* I am yet not thirty but almost as wise as a Lady of sixty.
* I have severe weaknesses to coffee, chips and chocolate. Please keep those dangerous things away from me unless you want to pay my membership fee at WW.
* Although I am weak for the above and always want to lose a few lbs here and there I do not struggle with my weight.
* I exercise regularly
* Baby C was born by Cesarean.
* The first thing Mr F gave me to show he cared about me was a Snickers bar. *Love him for that*

*Please do send me an email:* wahmramblings*@*gmail*.com (remove the *) Please do feel free to ramble with me in the comments! But don't even think about leaving nasty comments or send me swindling emails.*

Here you can take part of my ramblings of my everyday life which I hope will bring joy and happiness.

Oh and let me tell you that I do not take responsibility for any spelling errors or typos- they are all coffee related! I blame it on the coffee! And when nothing in my posts make sens- I blame it on the coffee. It could be a lack of it or an overdose :)

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