Friday, May 16, 2008

Soccer this - Soccer that

At to what level should kids occupy themselves? Some parents seems to be doing nothing but driving to soccer training, dance lessons and who knows what more.

A friend of mine drives her kids to at least 2 activities per day! Now that is a lot of training for kids in my opinion.  Of course it's good if the kids practice some kind of sports but to have a different activity everyday does not leave much space for personal growth.

We live in a time and a world where we try to occupy ourselves to the edge and when the TV isn't working or we haven't got anything to do we get restless and don't know what to do with ourselves. Isn't there something wrong there?

Your child come to you and says; "Mom I'm bored". Instead of saying "Oh well doing nothing can also be a good thing" you instantly try and occupy your child so that he is doing something. But what are we saving our children from? Boredom?

I wish more of us would try and live now  and just enjoy what we have...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Great discovery for parents!

I was watching TV the other day and saw this funny program about kids (up to 3) and how to react to things. They were discussing how their impulses make them do things they have been told not to.

Mother and child is decorating a chocolate cake- mother has to attend the door and tells her 2 yr old daughter not to touch the cake. When the mother comes back the girl's face is covered with chocolate. Mother asks if she touched the cake - the child says no.

This little test was to show that kids cannot resist their impulses even though they know it is wrong. Many times we parents thinks that our children are just misbehaving and not listening to what we say but this shows that that is not always the case. Of course you can't use it as an excuse for bad behavior all the time or you will be fooling yourself :)

Well I find it to be a great discovery for parents- really shows us how the mind of a small kid is functioning.