Monday, July 21, 2008

A light detox

I've felt like a balloon for too long now so I finally decided that it is time for a small detox. I am doing a light version of it though.

Basically a detox is to get rid of all the junk that you feed your body and is usually done by only eating fruits and drink smoothies. I love to do it but can usually not stay away from food for too long. I am a keen cook and want to enjoy food, not starve myself. But luckily enough I also enjoy healthy food so it is usually not too much of a sacrifice for me.

It is often recommended to do a weekend detox but as I decided to start yesterday I guess I'll skip that :) So today was the first day. When detoxing you should leave out coffee but as I am too attached to my coffee I decided to go easy on myself.

I am planning to stick to this for at least a week with the goal of loosing a few lbs or inches around the waist and after the week is finished to continue a healthier lifestyle. With todays light start I am not exactly detoxing but doing kind of diet version instead. I started breakfast with coffee and two small slices of bread. For lunch a salad, at 3pm a fruit salad with yogurt and now for dinner I am baking potatoes and will have a salad with that. My plan is that for the rest of the week my breakfast will not consist of bread and most meals will only be salads, either fruit salads or vegetable salads.

I didn't have any afternoon coffee today and I have been drinking a lot of water and no sugary snacks or cakes have been eaten either so I think I have been pretty good. Now lets see how tomorrow turns out...

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