Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Childhood memories

This is childhood for me. The smell of Granny's Oil of Olay face. The bathroom that smelled so lovely with the unmistakable hint of OO.

I grew up with Oil of Olay.

I mean it was almost like that, it was everywhere. And it still is. This is a real Classic. The Beauty Classic!

One of my friends told me the other day that her Granny had given her lots of OO creams- for "just in case". We laughed about it thinking of how for our Granny's its still the ultimate beauty product. And it is so sweet to see actually.

As new brands come out on the beauty market everyday it is nice to see some names out there still going strong. Makes me wonder if I will still use OO when I'm in my seventies *lol* I probably will... I am pretty sure it will still be around then...

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Joanna said...

Scanning around blogs and ran into yours...The Oil of Olay reminded me that my grandmother used Jergens face cream. Everytime I smell it it brings back those wonderful memories! Thanks for a trip down memory lane! : )