Thursday, August 21, 2008

Appreciating what we have

It is difficult to appreciate what we have. Mostly we think about the things we do not have.

I am really trying to change that and instead of asking the Lord to give me more I ask that He show me how to appreciate what I do have. It is not easy but I believe it is something we all should do.

Many times what we have are so obvious to us that we don't even think about being grateful for it. When in reality we should be grateful for all things. You know that birthday present you got and didn't really like? Well be grateful you did receive one and thank the person who gave it to you. Be grateful that your husband is faithful to you even if he moans too much sometimes, be grateful your kids aren't sick and that they are playful because when they are sick and can't play you would do anything to make them play again.

Yes it is hard, but the more we appreciate what we have around us the more complete our lives will be and the need for new things will become smaller.

Are you appreciating like you should?

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groovyteach said...

This is very true. It's easy to get bogged down in the stresses of daily life and forget to be grateful. Good post.